Shlomit Beer opened her ceramic studio in the Offer village six month ago. Her studio is located at the far end of the village, oven looking  fields of wild flowers, a beautiful scenery most inspiring.  She entirely restored by her self part of an old Chicken Barn, the inside is a spacious open space, white and calm with long windows giving you the felling you are working in the fields. A nice breeze comes flowing in. On the outside she covered the walls with a thin layer of mud and straw, giving the barn a warm and welcoming feeling and blending in with the natural environment.

I attended there a three-day ceramic course, taught by Shlomit Beer and Ephrat Fargun. It was a very fulfilling experience. I myself had no previous knowledge in ceramic work, but Shlomit and Ephrat leaded the class in a very professional and creative manner. We both learned technical knowledge and were invited to flow into personal creative work. The atmosphere was studious and pleasant, the “students” happily concentrated in their work. We worked with the potter’s wheel, wheel throwing with shlomit and we hand build with Ephrat.

I most recommend taking pottery classes with Shlomit and Ephrat, they nurture ones creative process.

Shlomit Beer, Moshav Offer

Tel : 04.6760434 /052.8754064

Shlomit teaches yearly adult pottery wheel Classes

Ephrat Faragun, Kibbutz Amiad

Tel : 04.6909571 / 052.6124761

Ephrat teaches Children Classes and adult courses with Shlomit

About the Author stephanie harari

יוצרת, חולמת, וחוקרת. משחקת עם חומרים וטכניקות, בעלת דמיון ללא גבול. מלמדת ומשתפת בכל גילוי יצירתי. ובעיקר - נהנית.

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