Today is solstice day, 21st of December, the shortest day of the year. This year is a special year with a total lunar eclipse which we unfortunately won't be able to observe in Israel.

My day is fully oriented towards this celebration, I am waiting for it and happy that their are days like this were we put aside the everyday life and celebrate the beauty of the universe and it's pure energies. Last night was the full moon, the sky was beautiful, milky and full of mystery, soft, and welcoming.  Being in company of the moon, I put aside all thoughts, and let my heart and body breath the moon's energies. I entered an other dimension where the logic of the brain has no room, I was carried by mystery and feminity, roundness and mouvement without direction. This world of the unkown feels so safe, everything is open, endless. I felt how little room it has in my everyday life and how much it balances off the sun energies more goal oriented…

Today I will be celebrating the solstice day with Shomrei Hagan and Ofer Israeli that organizes a celebration in the Carmel forest where their were the big forest fires two weeks ago. I am so looking forward to it, being in the forest and together we and the universe uniting to invite the healing of the forest and it's habitants. Thank-you for this day and it's opportunities.

Shomrei Hagan has entered my life for the last two years. It's a community of people, under the teachings of Ofer Israeli and Yael, that meet, learn and teach with a willingness to remember the way we used to live, be connected and united with  mother earth. This connection to Shomrei Hagan has slowly changed the way I apprehend everyday life. It has brought to me awareness of the environment and it's wonders where I feel part of the whole. It has brought to me faith and hope in our capacities to make things happen the way they are meant to be. It has brought softness, calm and a lot of light in my life. Thank-you.

About the Author stephanie harari

יוצרת, חולמת, וחוקרת. משחקת עם חומרים וטכניקות, בעלת דמיון ללא גבול. מלמדת ומשתפת בכל גילוי יצירתי. ובעיקר - נהנית.

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