Lampshades fascinate me. This object  has a central part in ones home and is too often neglected, starting with my own home ! If you think about it it’s the object that brings in LIGHT to the home, that takes place of the sun when he has no access or when he fades away. Lighting contributes to the general athmosphere in one’s home, soft, bright, romantic, transparent, golden or white, it has a lot to share and to tell.

Two month ago, my friend Avital and myself decided to explore this world. Once a week we meet to create lampshades, mixing a wide range of crafts technics and learning the electric side to lighting, light strength, color, direction, reflection… Today I have finished two lampshades and I feel very proud about it. Proud that an idea (I have lots of them !!!) has gave birth to a creative object. Let me share with you …

The Pampille Lamp

The inspiration came from a French Magazine : “Marie-claire Idee”

My friend Noa, found in the street a metal plant basket and gave it to me. She likes to pick up object in the street for Restoration and I like to restore…

First I painted two coats of white basis acrylic, then I painted a red acrylic coat.

On a thin wire, I threaded the beads in a spiral movement, raping the wire around every branch of the basket, until full. I used all kinds of beads I had in a beads box in the studio.

Then I started to sew  playful  shapes, choose ribbons and sewed all the tassels (pampille in french) to the lampshade. I took quite a while but it was fun to make.

 Coming up next :

Crochet Lampshade

About the Author stephanie harari

יוצרת, חולמת, וחוקרת. משחקת עם חומרים וטכניקות, בעלת דמיון ללא גבול. מלמדת ומשתפת בכל גילוי יצירתי. ובעיקר - נהנית.


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