Two years ago, we started the incredible journey of creating a brand, Loolaot. From defining the essence of the project, its corporate identity, the audience we want to reach and the message we want to convey.

Name identity: We chose Loolaot, (loops in Hebrew) as a name reflecting the intertwinement of the different crafts being taught in the Studio and sold in the store.

A tag line: inspiration and creativity which perfectly reflected who we were. A concept craft store and studio that would inspire and awaken everyone’s creativity.

Logo: We designed the visual identity that evolved during these two years reflecting the evolution of the brand and its identity. The brand evolved from an accessible ‘sweet’ identity to a more design and graphic identity which translated the new direction taken by loolaot. Julie Avisar designed our latest beautiful logo. For further reading on the logo changing process readהלוגו-החדש-שלנו


Packaging: The emphasis was set the ecological impact of the packaging in the store. No plastic.

Physical environment: We designed the store and studio environment to be aesthetic, open and inspiring. Much of which was created in a simple creative manner translating presence, life, heart, and passion.

loolaot store

Website and Blog: We created a ecommerce online shop selling our classes and the decopatch product as well as a rich blog sharing to the internet community creative tips and tutorials that were developed in the Studio.

Website: – Blog:

Social Media: We developed our social media communication through Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. It was a very used and loved communication tool.

Newsletter: Once a month we would design and edit a creative newsletter sharing new classes, products and creative tips.

This two-year brand designing experience which I lead and executed made me understand that I am good at it and love doing it.

Today, I offer my Freeland services to create your brand design identity.