Since 2010, I have been writing a blog mostly about my craft creative environment, tutorials, and ideas. The blog content also includes cooking recipes from the cooking French Classes I thought. I love writing, sharing creative and useful content, and telling Stories.

In 2012, I took a one-year course in Storytelling at Gollem School, where I discovered and enjoyed the art of creating stories and standing in front of spectators captivating their attention and making them travel in an imaginary world were the diversity of their senses wake up.

Furthermore, I like taking pictures and all the pictures in my blogs were taken by me.

Today, I offer my services as a content writer. My fields of interest are wide as I am a very curious person by nature and I always seem to find an interest in most subjects.  I write in English and French, for Hebrew I work with a proof-reader. Try me!

Selected Posts :

Macrame is going through a creative transformation (in hebrew)המקרמה-עובר-טרנספורמציה

המקרמה עובר טרנספורמציה

Invitation to knit octopus dolls for the premature children ( in hebrew)הזמנה-לסרוג-בובת-תמנון-לשיפור-הבריאות

הזמנה לסרוג בובת תמנון לשיפור הבריאות של פגים

Tutorial – How to crochet a hatהדרכה-לסריגת-כובע-במסרגה-אחת

הדרכה לסריגת כובע במסרגה אחת

Recipe – The French kings Cakeעוגת-המלך

La galette des rois _ The French Kings cake _ עוגת המלכים