Coming for both worlds, Creative and corporate, I intertwine a highly creative mind and technical ability with an organisational mind. I have always been deeply attracted to the Art Installation and its capacity to create visual and energy journeys for the observer.
In January 2016, I joined the Creative Studio “Spirt over Matter” of the Cosmic University. It has been like a wakeup call, reviving an inside passion for creativity, décor, setting, sculpting while playing with the meaning of interaction, group creativity, understanding that a whole is greater than the simple sum of its parts.

Since then, in addition to my active participation in Studio “Spirit Over Matter”, I have also started designing window displays creating unique environments according to the season and the story that want to be told to the curious customers. This is just the beginning of a great creative adcenture were the sky has not limits…


  • Full Service Event Planning and Design
  • Design and Styling
  • Inhouse event planner and designer (joining the creative team in an international corporate company)



Studio “Spirit over Matter”


Window Display 

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