In October 2015, Anat Ben Arzi and myself opened a Craft Concept Craft Store and Studio in Binyamina, Loolaot.

We created a beautiful, esthetic and pleasant creative environment where children, adolescent and adults would come to learn different crafts such as sewing, knitting, art, macramé and more. The moment you walked through the door your inner creativity would wake-up influenced by all the surrounding inspiration.

The store was full of creative and high-quality products which we choose with a deep love for nice quality, esthetic and environment friendly craft materials, fabrics, yarns, notebooks pen and crayons and more….

We also were the exclusive importer of a great craft product from France called Decopatch. A wide line of high quality collage papers, papier Mache animals and home styling, and glue. Decopatch grew to be the favorite product of all, easy, creative and fun to make.

Above all what made loolaot such a special place was its team. A great team of wonderful people, teachers, store manager, general manager and more. We all worked together in Harmony, learning and growing as we go, each one adding to the whole it’s on specificity and learning from the other. We liked to work together, to meet and come every day to work, it was always inspiring.

For two years this place evolved, changed and developed, it was a beautiful and enrichening adventure. Two years later, in spite of all the gifts this place had to offer, Anat and I decided to close because a the end of the day Looloat was not a profitable enough business.

We are thankful for the opportunity to have made our dream happen, thankful for all the great people we met on our journey and that took part of it all, thankful for the endless inspiration that we will be taking with us in our next adventures. Thank-you.